Founded in 1999, The 3RD DIMENSION opened its doors to the world with its debut on the Miss Universe pageant.  With 3000 square feet of colorful sculpted details and kinetic forms we made a name for ourselves in the entertainment industry.  Known for our creative solutions to design challenges and abilities to meet tight deadlines, The 3RD DIMENSION, INC quickly charted a new course toward the detail oriented and immersive environments of the museum industry.  This is where we found our unique niche.  From the tiniest of insects to the whales of Cerro Ballena, Chile we have completed projects all over the country and the world from American Samoa to Trinidad and Tobago!

Our attention to the finest detail sets us apart. We work closely with some of the finest designers and museum fabrication firms in the country to develop the finishes that will tell a museum’s story. After all, that is the goal of every museum is to tell a narrative allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the moment. Creative, Innovative, and Immersive…..yeah, we get it!